NDIS - Cooking lessons for people of all abilities

Recently, my teaching has moved in a new direction, working with participants on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), teaching people to cook so they can live and thrive independently, and with dignity. 

The aim is to foster trust, work collaboratively, build practical skills and share the joys of cooking. These classes vary in content according to the student’s capabilities, living environment, and their individual food preferences.

Each “food safari” includes a visit to a market or supermarket where the students are shown how to identify produce that is fresh, in season, and nutritious, where to find trusted and reputable brands, and to become savvy shoppers. After the class the recipes are written up, including pictures taken during the class to contextualise the work they have done, serves as a shopping list and empowers the student to get back in the kitchen and do it all again.

Teaching these students comes with the best rewards, and that the positive impact of sharing my food knowledge is so remarkable, has changed my outlook on life.  

Urban Food Safari

In every sense of the word, the Urban Food Safari is about bringing international cuisine to the local community. This is an ongoing series of open workshops and demonstrations prepared by the men and women whose cultural heritage has exposed them to recipes from the four corners of the earth. This series is the perfect culinary and cultural constellation.

Back Of The Pantry

The true definition of sustainability! The ability to pull stock from the hidden recesses of the pantry, the forgotten drawers of the fridge and the frosty bowels of the freezer, transforming them into, THROWN TOGETHER, NOT THROWN OUT classics. Here we learn what a bit of imagination and some basic tips can get you. So, don’t throw it out, throw it in!

You never need to spend a fortune to eat well. This is a myth. In this workshop I teach you that simple, tasty, flavour filled dishes will not just create good fortune for your health and wellbeing but also save you a pretty penny. It all starts with smarter shopping and ‘working’ your ingredients! I’ll take you through, step by step what to shop for, where and when to shop and how to reduce costs and wastage while never sacrificing great taste. I guarantee you’ll be a whiz in no time!


Food Forest is all about getting kids closer to their produce. Smelling, tasting, picking, naming, combining, cutting, peeling, gouging, splicing, shaving. There is a vast and playful vocabulary when it comes to preparing, serving and eating food. In the Food Forest, we make this journey simple, playful and delicious. Kids will learn where their food comes from, how it is grown, how they can grow it, how they can cook it and how they can leave all around them gobsmacked by what they can now do.  

 In the Food Forest expect mountains of colour and an abundance of scents and textures. Stand back and watch what a sprig of curiosity, a pinch of passion and a dash of green goodness can yield in the hands of these next generation foodies.

Playing with Food - Kids are too often told to not play with their food. In this workshop, playing with food is what it's all about. This is how kids learn best - through interaction, experimentation and fun. This is a playful hands-on introduction into the world of taste, texture, scent and colour. Playing with Food relishes in changing eating habits one delicious mouthful at a time.

There are so many simple and powerful ways of working with food to help make your kids healthier, happier and more independent individuals. Following recipes: measuring, cutting, heating, boiling, tasting, testing, splicing, grinding, rolling, baking - cooking is an intense life skills laboratory…AND ITS FUN!