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If you are after an unforgettable experience of learning, cooking and sharing with likeminded people, then you have landed at the right place. Thanks so much for dropping by. I’m Lillie Giang, The Food Affectionist.

The journey of getting to where I am today has been amazing. I was born into a family of serious foodies in Vietnam, so the calling to food was all around me from the get-go. I credit my love of food and success to my father and maternal grandmother who taught me to eat, cook and live well.

So why The Food Affectionist? It’s simple. My love of life is linked to my love of food. It is food that nourishes me, food that enlivens me, food that has taken me all over the world, food that connects me to people and food that gives me purpose.


My philosophy around food has never changed. Keep learning (I’m a forever student), never stop cooking and always give back with abundance. In my career as a chef, coach, educator and presenter, my curiosity has led the way. I have an aching desire to make cooking accessible, affordable, sustainable and fun and I am constantly on the lookout for how to achieve this.   

I truly believe that if food is an adventure, flavour is the destination. This is how I cook and how I choose to teach. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a long way down the road it doesn’t matter. What's important are those flavours, smells, textures, colours and temperatures that can help change the world as you know it. Good food should excite you. Good food is evocative. Good food makes memories that last a lifetime. Helping people to cook well and eat well is what I stand for. It is my small way of putting the love that has been given to me, back in the world. 

The Food Affectionist cooking classes are about cooking well, eating healthy and at the same time making our world a better place by what we do, don't do and dare to do in the kitchen!