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About Lillie Giang

About Lillie Giang

The Founder

The heart and soul behind the Food Affectionist is Lillie Giang.

Lillie of Cantonese and Vietnamese descent, was born into a family of serious foodies in Vietnam. The entire family migrated to Melbourne in 1980 where she obtained her tertiary qualifications at RMIT and went on to establish a career in the legal industry. 

However, being a passionate foodie and an excellent cook, Lillie decided to follow her dream of pursuing a career in the hospitality industry - one that would not only allow her to espouse her philosophy of helping the community to cook well and eat healthy but also to be socially engaged and contributing positively to a just and sustainable society.

Her dream has truly been realised as aside from her stint as a most successful chef at the Hot Chilli Thai restaurant in Croydon, she is also a highly regarded cooking teacher, chef presenter and continues to be actively involved in numerous food related environmental sustainability initiatives including Future Edible Food and War on Waste.

Lillie shares her cooking skills and easy to follow techniques at various cooking schools, food festivals, community classes, local schools and foodie events.

If you have been fortunate enough to have attended one of Lillie's cooking classes or seen her demonstrate her cooking skills at various festivals, you will find that Lillie is not only a fantastic cooking teacher with her heart in the right place, she is also a brilliant and most inspiring chef presenter.

She specialises in Asian home cooking as well as Fusion cuisine. She credits her love of food and the success in her cooking career to her father and maternal grandmother who taught her to eat, cook and live well.

Lillie who is led by her heart as much as her brain is doing what she enjoys most - cooking for a good cause.

Indonesian Cooking Class

Indonesian Cooking Class